Strong Industry Focus

The project has a generic focus but targets three specific important industrial sectors as main demonstrators, namely personal care, insulating foams and industrial inks; the tools will be available to use for large, medium and small enterprises alike in the shape of user-friendly Apps, designed around the needs of the end-users (e.g. the industrial formulators).

Bring Materials Modelling to the heart of industry

FORCE brings materials modelling into the centre-stage of business by combining it with advanced machine learning approaches for handling “big data”, empowering decision makers through the provision of rapid avenues to optimise existing and design new products to enhance the position of European industries in their global markets.

Contribute to the digitalisation of Europe industries

The FORCE consortium partners subscribe to the activities of the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) which promotes the establishment of materials modelling ontologies and standards/metadata as avenues for interoperability between models, optimisation platforms, and business decision frameworks.


A short history and overview of the FORCE project:

Call publised in October 2015

First stage: 12.08.2015

Second stage: 05.24.2016

Entry into force of the Grant: 11.22.2016

Project Start Date: 01.01.2017

Project End Date: 12.31.2020

The FORCE project is funded by Horizon 2020 under NMBP-23-2016 call with Grant agreement number: 721027.

The call topic is: Advancing the integration of Materials Modelling in Business Processes to enhance effective industrial decision making and increase competitiveness.